Parview Stock Farms is located in the heart of southern Alberta cattle country. We are located 8 miles south west of High River, AB and only minutes to the breathtaking foothills which is home to some of Canada’s largest and most historic ranches such as the “Bar U” and the OH Ranch.

Our motto has always been “Quality over Quantity”. We believe in running the best herdbulls our resources allow, developing cow families and purchasing animals that are built around strong cow families, longetivity and soundness. Our cattle are stringently culled for disposition, feet, udders and the ability to survive and perform in our area.

Our main goal is to produce bulls that will work and last for the commercial cattle industry. We have sold bulls to commercial cattlemen and various Hutterite Colonies from northern Alberta, to the southern plains of Alberta, and into the interior Rockies.

We are presently growing our herd to approximately 50 mamma cows, which will consist of Full Fleckvieh, Fullblood, Red Factor, Black Factor and select Simmental/Angus cross cows. They all have the same mandate: calve unassisted, breed back in the desired time frame and wean big calves.
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